Xtreme Series 2.0 Ton NON-INVERTER



Midea’s Wall Mounted Xtreme series is currently Nepal’s highest selling model. It features easy installation, ultra-energy saving and all new comfort airflow. At the same time, the elegant and unique design allows it to easily integrated into any modern interior.

Strong & Fast Cooling
Midea’s distinctive ‘Super Cool’ function can instantly lower room temperature to 17oC in seconds.

Dual Protection
High Density Pre Filter collects dust and fungus. Micro Protection Filter along with Hepa Filter collects pollen, smoke, micro dust and bacteria.

Leakage Detection
Indoor unit will show error code ‘EC’ and stop automatically when refrigerant leakage is detected. It protects compressor from being damaged.

Electronic Control Box adopts new design, which can meet higher fire safety requirement to prevent the internal fire due to electric spark accident.

Elegant Design
The streamlined exterior is pleasing to the eyes just like a soothing rhythm pleasing to the ear with air outlet and display screen ingeniously concealed.

Ultimate Comfort
With Follow Me Function, you can always enjoy the desired temperature wherever you stay in the room.

Self Clean
Indoor unit will continue running at special combined mode to blow and dry indoor evaporator after the unit is switched off so as to keep clean and healthy.

Low Noise
It operates at a sound as low as 26db for your comfortable sleep.


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